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Interpreting Perception Article by Author Steven Redhead

Interpreting Perception

Everything you perceive is a reflection of who you are, how you think, and who you are becoming. The future holds endless promises, maximize your potential by planting the seeds of your desires for what your future will be. Only the future offers you the opportunity to become what you want. You can't recreate the past, but you can create the future you desire and dream of. Don't be a creation of circumstance, Have a vision for your life, Every day is a chance to pursue what you desire, Make all the choices that control your destiny.

Peer pressure can come into play, whereby someone's strong opinion of how what occurred comes to be the most dominant factor, erasing other more factorial accounts that are not presented forcefully enough or with a strong enough conviction. Dominance comes to rule over any uncertainty or lack of conviction, it's irrelevant how accurate the opinions may be of those present who are weaker or subservient.

Perception is all about interpreting accurately what happens; attention to detail, retention of the facts, ability to remember the sequence of events as they occurred, the ability to present the personal interpretation of what happens clearly, accurately and with conviction.

What each person perceives is based upon the perspective from which they view something, their beliefs, the social conditioning they have experienced throughout life. A number of people viewing the exact same occurrence can come to have a different perspective, which can turn out to be minor or major. How things are recalled can be influenced by the personal commitment or necessity for how the situation needs to turn out. Like history, the particular perception of reality is decided by the strong or the victor. The creation of an image or what has occurred is all controlled by some personal agenda; linked to some gain, loss or pride.

The mental condition at any specific moment in time can influence how each person experiences the same thing, including therefore the opinion or memory of what occurred. The location or position will influence what is observed; how each individuals mind processes the information will also have an impact on recollection.

What is the most convenient or easiest to believe is generally the impression that remains the strongest, becoming ingrained over time; personal convictions tend to drive the understanding an individual has about a situation.

Facts have many interpretations, what is right or wrong, believable or unbelievable all depends upon what each individual has invested, not only in the situation but the final outcome. What is accepted as fact is what tends to prevail over the long term, immaterial of its validity. With time a half-truth can gain a greater validity than truth purely through the time that has passed by, as over time more individuals have assumed to have invested acceptance in the information. Perception is really all down to what anyone is prepared to believe unquestionably.

There are no rights or wrongs with regard to perception; it is feasible for a number of people viewing the same occurrence to have different opinions to varying degrees about what occurred, or what they heard or saw. There are many other factors that all contribute to how people perceive what happens and how those details are remembered the recalled; the angle of view, the level of concentration on what was occurring at all stages of the event, other peripheral events that attention was focused upon thus depleting the focus on the main event, personal beliefs or interpretations, the ability to describe something accurately and clearly, the level of persistence determination of specific individuals; thus creating the perception of what was experienced.

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Relevance Of Secrets Article by Author Steven Redhead

Relevance Of Secrets

Secrets by their very nature have an allure and mystique, an instant attraction that by the very mystery they infer entices people to probe the depth of what information is being guarded and hidden.

Secrets can only have interest when others wish to acquire them; or they have a known value, real or imaginary; or if they are known about and deemed to be worth knowing. Secrets can with time can lose interest due to changing dynamics of life, thereby falling in value to others.

Secrets do have different scales of perceived value and complexity, that, in turn, have a shelf life, where over time the secret may gradually no longer have any value. A secret only has value while people wish to know the details, or are fully aware of some potential the secret holds. The value attributed to any secret is what people perceive the secret has to offer them, once this aura has diminished interest dissolves quickly.

Some secrets are only relevant or useful to the people that own them; or for a specific period of time. Once the metaphorical cat is out of the box then everyone with access can clearly know the value of the information; at this stage whether all the intrigue was justified or not becomes evidently clear. To those who the information is of no actual use or value, the interest will wane fast, focus on the related issues will diminish and with time be completely forgotten.

People will always wish to probe a secrets defenses, especially if the information is thought to be rare or valuable or life-changing in nature. There is always a great deal of focus to unravel any mystery to penetrate what secrets are hidden therein. Secrets always lose their validity over time, perhaps becoming irrelevant or known through someone revealing a confidence, or reneging on a promise. Secrets are only as valuable as the demand to know what they hide, or the power of the knowledge they could disclose.

Secrets can be about people, places or things of various levels or intensity of interest. Any secret is only valuable to those who hold the secrets and those who really want to find out more about them. Once revealed, what was once thought a secret may be found to be of no interest or use at all to others; it was just the hype surrounding the secret that gave it value in peoples reality, on analysis the information actually may have had no significant benefits or value attached to it.

An aura of mystique can always be constructed around whatever can't easily be confirmed. There is always a game played between those that hold any secretive information and those who are keen to find out exactly what that information is, so they can assess its value to them, basically being keen to know how they can achieve some gain from what is disclosed. /p>

There are what can be classed as good or bad secrets based on what they hide or the damage or good that can result once they are revealed. The value of any secret is always hidden, as they have unknown value until disclosed. Revelations can be disappointing to some extent, they may never reveal the same level of mystery as the hype originally surrounding the secret. Disappointment is concealed within most revelations, as a secret is only as valuable as the desire to know it, or the potential it has to bring about an assumed outcome.

The unknown always has a certain aura or mystique about it, for knowledge always has immense potential power to control others. The unknown always attracts interest, as what is concealed creates a seemingly magnetic attraction to those eager to probe the depths of any unknown. The depth of confidence in any secret is limited to it remaining undisclosed.

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Achieving Realization Article by Author Steven Redhead

Achieving Realization

Confirmation of those flashes of ideas or intuitions is the realization that what you think most about has the potential to be realized within your perceived reality. This potential is always waiting for you to realize that most desires are achievable with sufficient focus of energy and intellect on what is to be pursued. What you strive to achieve is backed by a strong realization, that no matter what, that giving up is not an option for success. Dogged persistence is the fuel that will drive your success into reality. Sacrifice in order to achieve success or sacrifice the potential for success.

Achieving in life is all about finding ways of bringing wishes, desires, dreams to life. Identifying the main components or means to gain whatever is desired is the most critical factor. Being able to realize the true dynamics of any situation, without deceiving oneself or being deceived, is of immense value in gaining the success required. There are always those who wish to confuse, deceive, even lead others astray in order to gain some selfish advantage for themselves. Always being attentive to the details relating to the many circumstances at play will help reduce the potential for others to take some undesirable advantage at your expense.

There is much knowledge available aesthetically in this modern age, that can assist or mislead; being aware of what information is useful and what should be discarded or ignored is a tremendous advantage. There will always be information that is incorrect; perhaps made available by those of good but perhaps misdirected intentions, or those wishing to achieve some benefit or advantage by misleading others. Having the ability to discern what is correct and that which should be discarded is a necessary attribute.

It is only possible to realize one's true capacity to achieve anything until coming face to face with the demands of what needs to be accomplished. There is potential to achieve whatever one believes is possible, for in that belief is the magic that makes things happen, that brings about the desires and enlivens the soul.

The ability to strive for perfection, especially to bring a concept into existence is the driving force for success. Realizing and achieving the true potential that exists not only within oneself but within what is pursued will enliven life, making it more wonderful. If you don't meet your true potential life will only provide a fraction of what is possible for you. Accepting that what has been realized should never be discounted or ignored, never forgotten or not acted upon. Life is all about maximizing the effort to bring the things you can access to full potential.

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