The Tundras Of The Mind

A look at the Mind Games everyone plays with themselves and others to pass the days of their lives.


Perception is driven by the belief that is placed in something; it is quite difficult for some element of reality to exist without some level of belief, whether this is at a conscious level or hidden deep within the subconscious.

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Confusion always has the ability to cause an illusion or to bring on moments of delusion. By standing by logical thought, immaterial of the number of detractors offers the way to clarity. Always be aware of the value some place on causing confusion in order to get their own way.

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Truth can be diluted then dressed up with false facts; the truth is never too late to realize that what are really the most important factors in life; then finding the ways and means to achieving that reality. .

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Manipulation is an exercise in the misuse of control or power; or a statement to show that one person can make another do as they wish. Some people excel at the art of manipulation to the extent that others are not fully aware they are being controlled, and can make others do exactly as they wish through coercion.

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Communication ability to explain novel ideas to others is critical to getting acceptance of novel ideas. Thought experiments to expand thought capacity through meditation, sensory deprivation, dream targeting, remote viewing, etc., are means to develop thought patterns that are indicative of revolutionary thought.

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A secret only has the value the illusion of it cases within reality; in fact, if the knowledge doesn't match the illusion then there will be little residual interest. Usually, the image created to cloak the real contents of hidden information is far more persuasive or interesting that the secret itself.

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Thoughts In Perspective

Wishes Into Reality

It is the strong desire to have a specific life experience, to touch, to feel both joy and pain, to make a life script that you can live out each day of your life experience. The permutations for the scenarios for your life are indeed endless, each choice made offers different courses of interaction with reality; you simply choose the key consciousness to exist in one of these potential realities, then live out that experience.

It is the strong desire to have a specific life experience, to touch, to feel both joy and pain, to make a life script that you can live out each day of your life experience. The permutations for the scenarios for your life are indeed endless, each choice made offers different courses of interaction with reality; you simply choose the key consciousness to exist in one of these potential realities, then live out that experience.

Wishes do come true, they may be long lost in your memory but everything that you wish for and contemplate is materialized in some form or another within reality sooner or later. Reality doesn't just make itself upon an off-chance whim - unless it is out of control, it follows a strict course based entirely on your each and every desire that you entertain, these desires are the seeds of your reality.

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Enemy of Truth

Disinformation comes in both auditory and visual forms or a combination of both. The information may be transmitted on a conscious or subconscious level or both, the conscious aspect allowing the subconscious component to gain a greater validity.

What may seem fact, based on visual confirmation may in actually be a manipulation of perception through visual, auditory or via control of intuition. The initially directed misconception once becoming a belief due to extended exposure can then become protracted in scope. The initial information once accepted can then be expanded upon to achieve more advanced control through belief.

Belief is based on acceptance, the more logical information can be presented, irrespective of its legitimacy, the higher chance it will be accepted. Once there is acceptance this belief can be extended to a wider audience through word of mouth. Trust in the person imparting the information can give illogical inaccurate information legitimacy; thus who imparts the information and how is critical as to whether it is believed or disregarded as nonsense.

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Principles Underlying Propaganda

The principles underlying propaganda are extremely simple, on analysis - the exercise of selling hope. Find some common desire or some widespread unconscious fear or anxiety, think of some way to relate this desire or fear to the what you wish to achieve; then build a bridge of verbal or pictorial symbols over which it is possible to shift from hope to a compensatory dream realization, and from that dream to the illusion that will make the dream seems to come true.

  •  Life's as easy or as difficult as you wish to make it.
  •  Life is given to use in any way you want.
  •  You are limited by your unwillingness to take action.
  •  Each day offers the chance to pursue something new.
  •  Within you is the freedom to be whatever you want.
  •  Have a vision for what you want your life to be.
  •  Freedom is found within what you aspire to become.

Tundras Of The Mind

It is within the mind that the perspective together with your perception of reality exists; the key question is do others perceive this reality the same as you do, chances are the answer is; 'no they do not'. The mind is not only a mystery to each of us personally but also to science, no one has fully unlocked the full capacity and full potential capability of the mind. Within the tundra's of the mind lies many secrets that still remain undiscovered. Many of the abilities available to each of us have still not been fully understood or utilized. Many still live their daily lives mostly without great advances spiritually or mentally. Most of the materialistic people are satisfied to be slaves to commercialism, not addressing the 'wherefore and the why' of the reason they exist.

Deceptive Belief Systems

Deceptive belief systems Those who wish to deceive have the innate ability to wrap their ideas in seemingly logical selfish desires purely aimed to control the thoughts and actions of others. Self-deception or deception initiated and controlled by others both have the necessity to be backed by some form of strong or persistent belief. Without the participants buying into the related belief system any particular deception will prove unfounded, therefore requiring ongoing false clarity to prevail. Deception has as many forms as the various purposes it is used to disguise or promote. With self-deception, the purpose could be to avoid accepting some facts or truth that are inconvenient, too painful, uncomfortable, hard to comprehend or face or simply unacceptable or unthinkable. Facing the truth, the facts as they are helps avoid any self-deception, keeping the mind clear to process the situation the conclude the best way to resolve the matter. h7>

Thought Is The Power That Creates

Every single thing that you experience originated from either your thoughts, words, or actions. The seeds of your reality are created through your desires; you make these desires real by your belief in them.

Numerous Choices

You make all the choices and decisions regarding how to create the life you live. Your life is built on your thoughts. Through belief in them, your thoughts become experiences. The accumulation of your thoughts, turned into experiences through belief become your life.

Factors Of Life

The quality of life is governed by the effort you put into giving life quality. Every day you have the freedom to pursue what you wish to become. You can choose to do nothing towards managing the creation of your future or take full control of your life.

Use Of Time

Time clarifies and reveals the true essence of all things; bringing to light the actual feeling of others, as well as the real dynamics of each situation. Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity were you are given the brief opportunity to experience interactions with the physical realm that is around you.

Potential To Exist

Everything has the potential to exist, all that is necessary is the required is the belief, vision and continual focus to make life exactly what you wish it to become. Don't lose sight of the potential of what can be in relation to what is by being tied though focusing on the current reality.

Points Of Thoughts

Reality is based solely upon your desires,
brought to life by your imagination,
given credibility by your belief in them.

Points Of Thought - Perception

♦ Don’t be imprisoned by others perception of reality.
♦ Don’t make life more convoluted than it is.
♦ Manage the elements of change with a clear focus.
♦ Have a scheme to ride the wild winds of fortune.
♦ Intuition will answer the right questions.
♦ Don’t be blown by the winds of fate.
♦ Be ruler of your own perceived universe.

Points Of Thought - Realization

♦ Purity of mind and idleness don't match.
♦ An active mind won't exist in inactive body.
♦ A good mind possesses a kingdom.
♦ A need to be right is a sign of a vulgar mind.
♦ Conceive and believe to achieve.
♦ Difficulties strengthens the mind.
♦ Anxiousness about the future causes misery.

Points Of Thought - Illusions

♦ Illusion invades every element of life undetected.
♦ Disguising the undesirable is the purpose of illusion.
♦ Realization is the revealing of life’s illusions.
♦ Belief gives illusion a fabric of substance.
♦ The conscious mind allows illusion to avoid reality.
♦ Illusion acts as a buffer to ease the strain of reality.
♦What is and what isn’t is equal based on belief.

Points Of Thought - Truth

Misinformation is often used to disguise facts, distract from the truth, or mislead others belief systems.

  •  Truth exists, falsehoods have to be invented.
  •  I do not mind lying but I hate inaccuracy.
  •  A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
  •  Truth is what stands the test of experience.
  •  The truth is more important than the facts.
  •  Falsehoods are easy to justify, truth is more difficult.
  •  Facts can be the enemy of truth.

Points Of Thought - Confusion

Confusion is unusually an illusion, a spell that is woven to gain some benefit by making others temporarily off balance mentally, either temporarily or until they concede and with focus.

  •  Confusion is a purposely induced illusion.
  •  Proven facts are what can only be trusted.
  •  Beware of negative agendas, towards you.
  •  Being well informed helps avoids confusion.
  •  Being confused is not a legitimate excuse.
  •  Stupidity is confusion on steroids.
  •  Seek facts, never assume when confused.

Points Of Thought - Thought

Thought is how the mind communicate to the world and also the universe. Change is possible by pursuing creative thought.

  •  Exercise the ability to choose thoughts.
  •  Actions are thoughts brought to life.
  •  The route to change is through thought.
  •  Some thoughts are best left unsaid.
  •  Speech can conceal thoughts by deceit.
  •  Thoughts change due to pressures of reality.
  •  Choose carefully which thoughts to reveal.

Points Of Thought - Realization

It is never too late to realize what are really the most important factors to identify then pursue in life.

  •  Subtleties can indicate the real situation.
  •  Careful attention indicates what others really mean.
  •  There’s value in realizing what is really going on.
  • Realization renders any disillusionment to its core.
  •  Perfection is an illusion that realization reveals.
  •  Reality is the best teacher of life’s true condition.
  •  Not everything you read, hear or see is true.

Points Of Thought - Secrets

Secrets by their very nature have an allure and mystique, an instant attraction that by the very mystery they infer entices people to probe the depth of what information is being guarded and hidden.

  •  Secrets confine knowledge to a limited few.
  •  Not all secrets have real value to others.
  •  The mystique of a secret is what create interest.
  •  Hiding information gives it an aura of value.
  •  Secrets only have interest from those who seek them.
  •  Lies are the only defense to guard a secret.
  •  Few people knowing a secret gives it more power.

Points Of Thought - Belief

To put one's faith in a belief of what others have perceived, true or otherwise, can only be disastrous from some point of view.

  •  Just because someone said it’s true doesn’t make it so.
  •  Trust your intuition, not others belief systems.
  •  Deception is a belief in the imagined.
  •  Any substitute for truth should be rejected.
  •  Belief should be limited solely to the facts.
  •  Deception is a noose to strangle reality.
  •  Avoid being mislead by others false beliefs.

Quotes to Contemplate

  • Belief Is Key

    What you believe is accepted as real.

    Belief is the key to any information base, without belief the details involved are worthless; therefore well designed information whether true or not is perceived as having value.

  • Question Perception

    Perception Can Deceive

    Avoid letting perception deceive you. Endeavour to experience reality exactly as it really is, by not allowing delusions to preserver.

  • Illusion Or Confusion

    Controlled By Illusion

    Avoid becoming manipulated by the illusion of who you think you are. Your are the creator of the world that you perceive.

Insights To Consider

Thought In A Nutshell

Each thought is the essence of creation, a product of the mind through which communication becomes possible; ideas are thereby given life to achieve their true potential.

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Interpretation Of Reality

Reality is an interpretation of what has been perceived and experienced; then understood through the power of observation then rationalized.

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What You Believe

What is real and what is purely imagined is determined by the minds ability to manipulate perception; creating a version of event that is the most easily or desirable to accept.

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States Of Confusion

The facts if distorted or out of sync with beliefs can cause confusion; how much depends on the divide that exists between ones understanding and beliefs and the interpretation of reality.

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What Remains Hidden

Ask the questions of yourself and others that will enable the identification of which elements of life can be harnessed to make the journey and the destination more desirable.

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A State Of Deception

Deception is a device to control oneself or others by twisting or inventing disinformation into an easy acceptable form, purely in order to manipulate or control specific outcomes.

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Illusions happen all the time.