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Thought In A Nutshell Article by Author Steven Redhead

Thought In A Nutshell

In one way or another every single thing on earth is in constant communication of some form; be it the frequencies of rare stones or crystals, sounds of animals, vibrations of plant life, right through to conversation and thoughts of humans.

Numerous thought centers are located throughout the body, sending and receiving data to and from the mind. All the key chakra points are communication sensors, collecting and distributing intuitive information.

Communication comes in many varying forms, as sound, written through various mediums, through verbal means, or visual actions or a combination of these. Hidden communication also has various forms such as various physical signs or even telepathy. The latter is limited to those sensitive enough to perceive the purely mental thought transmission.

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Interpretation Of Reality Article by Author Steven Redhead

Interpretation Of Reality

Reality is an interpretation of what has been perceived and experienced; then understood through the power of observation then rationalized. Repetition solidifies a concept of thought within the consciousness. The greater the advancement in concepts of thought the more potential there is to build upon then excel further in the future complexity of ideas for creations within reality.

Thought is the power that creates concepts that advances civilization throughout time. Theories that are created are what form then advance technology. Altered states of consciousness enable the revelation of knowledge that can be obtained outside the normal realms of thought.

Creating abstract thoughts that lead to asking questions that in turn lead to answers that provide advancements in knowledge and technology. Thinking different in ways more advantageous and groundbreaking enable the propelling of civilization.

Mental stability is a fine line that borders on genius; the creation of universal concepts cause others to initially ridicule or question them. With confirmation, these concept ideas prove to be revolutionary. The ability to tap into the fields of knowledge, that exists by using visualization, enables the access to a higher realm of knowledge.

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What You
                Believe Article by Author Steven Redhead

What You Believe

What you believe is accepted as real, the rest is classed as an illusion or unbelievable; but what if everything is an illusion of your own making. Reality is like dust that can be blown away by the realization that what is observed may not be what is; the hidden is disguised by acceptance of what seems the easiest to comprehend.

Strength in numbers applies to not only to beliefs but also to reality, the more that buy into any particular version of reality is what gives that understanding the energy to exist within their perception. Immaterial of reality, most people see exactly what they wish to see, they interpret what is through the perception of their beliefs. The outcome is always based upon what you are prepared to accept or believe, the potential is always greater than what you can ever imagine.

Any persistent view of reality, whether positive or negative can be switched purely by applying mental visualization; creating an acceptable or more desirable version of what has occurred. What seems to be a negative can be transformed into, or contain, a positive; or of course visa versa. Positives or negatives can be interpreted within reality purely by the power of the mind applying them to the base reality, thus causing observations to be a more desirable illusion.

Creating a reality that is fully satisfying requires a lot of effort, either the physical or mental effort to manipulate what exists into what is desired. Distorting reality to suit some purpose or requirement will achieve bringing into perspective the desired perception.

Life is quite fleeting and fragile in the extreme. Molding reality to suit one's own desires may seem selfish, unless it is realized that only the individual reality is bent to suit what was required; the base reality remains constant. Much like people build a house just for themselves within the fabric of society, so too it is possible to create a specific reality constructed to achieve one's desires. While it is possible for others to observe and interact with an individually constructed reality to some extent, they are unable to influence it negatively; for as long as the effort is exhorted, full control can be maintained by the key driver of that reality. Once concentration lapses, the controlled reality will quickly morph back to the control of the main supporting reality, or that manipulated by others.

Focus on the undesirable give that factor focused on energy, allowing and giving the ability to become powerful or gain some level of advantage or control. The same is true for desirable experiences, with focus and belief, driven by desires, what was imagined can manifest within the perceived reality. What is and what can be is all up to what one personally accepts, or allows to take place without interference; full control over ones reality is the obvious choice in order to experience the life most desired.

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States Of Confusion Article by Author Steven Redhead

States Of Confusion

Confusion is unusually an illusion, a spell that is woven to gain some benefit by making others temporarily off balance mentally, either temporarily or until they concede and with focus.

Confusion is caused by either the inability to process what is going on or that a divide so large exists between beliefs and the reality being experienced. Confusion can be real or frained as an excuse or reason to avoid accepting some concept or idea. It is always a good excuse or way out to state that the opinions of others are confusing or contributing to the confusion. Confusion may be feigned or used as an excuse to gain more time to extricate themselves from a particular range of situations that are deemed unwanted or unacceptable. Being confused is an ideal excuse to gain more time or to avoid doing or agreeing to things that need to be avoided.

States of confusion can be permanent or temporary, specific or wide-ranging; being or causing a minor or major issue. The state of confusion may not even be fully realized as the factors involved causes the observers to be unable to disentangle themselves from the avalanche of supposed facts or issues that are difficult to begin to fathom.

Self-induced confusion can be caused by absorbing too much new information, being unable to accept certain details due to personal beliefs, or an unwillingness to accept new conflicting or difficult to believe or comprehend details.

Confusion can be a permanent or temporary state, depending on whether the issue can be rationalized, understood, or disregarded for more personally logical information. Confusion can be ignited by thoughts, words, and deeds, being induced purposefully to achieve an agenda or gain an advantage.

Confusion can be self-induced or caused externally by chance or malevolent influences. The impacts can be just for a moment or wider ranging, taking on a life of their own; a downward spiral of conflicting information between beliefs and what reality is imposing. At such time it is always ideal to step to one side mentally to view all the information available. If the issue is minor with few or no consequences then it is best to let it be. If a major impact has potential to affect daily life then figuring out what is going on is the best policy.

Confusion can be an induced solely for the purpose of gaining an advantage or upper hand in a negotiation or some facet of life. When a person sets out to specifically cause confusion in order to gain an advantage over others then they are likely to be quite destructive in their nature. Using confusion as a type of weapon is only as good as the duration it can be maintained. Once others realize the confusion was artificially induced they are likely to either react in kind, become more confident in forcing their demands or walk away in disgust; rarely to let their guard down or trust the one who purposely confused them ever again.

Confusion always has the ability to cause an illusion or dilution of arguments in relation to the true facts. Standing by logical thought, immaterial of the number of detractors offers the way to clarity. Always be fully aware of the dynamics at stake when someone is causing confusion in order to get their own way.

The greater contribution will be from people you trust, thus adding more views will enable some course of action from the extended input of various ideas. The introduction of clarity into the mix will always contribute towards making the right personal decision.

Confusion does come in many forms and levels of intensity. Any struggle with confusion has the ability to intensify lack of understanding, even complicate the thought process further. Taking a break, stepping back, even walking completely away from any situation causing confusion, especially if what is occurring is conflicting strongly with your beliefs.

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What Remains Hidden Article by Author Steven Redhead

What Remains Hidden

Within reality there are many things that are hidden or not easily observed yet have the potential to make beneficial contributions to life’s experiences. Having the ability to notice or identify these gems of concealed information, good or bad, can be quite advantageous.

There is also potential to miss things that are in plain view by not giving them sufficient attention through focusing on other distracting yet insignificant issues. Numerous choices of stimuli and things to do exist in life; what to focus on, or what to ignore can be confusing, even mind boggling if given too much thought; even causing the lack of a clear direction to take when concentration is spread thinly over far too many issues.

Missing the essence of a situation through lack of attention to the important points is often possible; with a range of consequences or causes of frustration. It is difficult to give efficient focus to a wide range of issues when distractions are all vying for interest; it should be obvious that placing attention upon specifics within whatever provides interest or motivation is the ideal choice to obtain the best outcome.

Coming to an understanding of how best to achieve desires, creating the means to manage the complexities of life, doing what gives life to dreams, are the elements that need to be identified through realisation of the key components that are necessary to acquire and achieve, that can make or contribute to the life you really want.

It is never too late to realize what are really the most important factors to identify then pursue in life; then finding the ways and means to achieving them in daily life’s reality. Everything has the potential to exist, all that is necessary is the required belief, vision and continual focus to make life exactly what you wish it to become. Don’t loose sight of the potential of what can be in relation to what is by being tried though focusing on the current reality.

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A State Of Deception Article by Author Steven Redhead

A State Of Deception

A complete fabrication that is well thought out and presented correctly can deceive a large number of people who are prepared to readily buy into the concept through psychological influences and demands created solely through strength in numbers of those who have bought into the fabrication as fact.

Deceiving oneself or others with a passion always gives the deception some built in credibility; it is wise to be aware of this ploy in order not to be dragged into believing some particular falsehood or fallacy. Intuition is always a faithful tool in searching out any deception that is being targeted towards you. That gut feeling of what is logically correct and true or is obviously a well-placed falsehood. It is always a personal choice to decide what one believes is true or feels is a fabrication.

External influences may prevail with a deceit for their own selfish reasons, usually due to some form of benefit that is to be acquired. It is always wise to carefully judge the motives of anyone who tries to force an alternative view of reality to what one believes is correct. While there are advantages as well as strengths in number, it doesn't always work out that the majority are the sole owners of truth, as like sheep people tend to follow or latch onto the majority view, which may or may not be correct.

Deception is the pit of delusion and illusionary forces that disguise the facts to gain acceptance or create ignorance of the true dynamics at play. A state of delusive deception can be the mind's ploy to avoid accepting facts that are destructive in some way or thoughts that are undesirable or difficult to accept. An obvious escape from reality by replacing unwanted facts with an imagined or altered version of events. Not facing the truthful facts is always a short-term solution, as reality is persistent in the generally accepted view of anything being more forceful than individual imagination or belief, be they thought real or imagined. A delusion that exists for an extended period of time can take on a life and legitimacy of its own, becoming the accepted and legitimate view as more people buy into the concept.

Deception depends upon the ability of the deceiver and the gullibility of the deceived. The elements that are used will also be of influence; the seeming validity of the lies used, the feasibility of the illusion that is portrayed, the quality of the supporting details, all contribute to the potential acceptance of the deceptions validity.

Deception is always imposing the belief of the imagined upon others, creating the circumstance that will cause the information to be accepted. It is wise to be always vigilant, questioning whatever others may portray, so as not to be deceived by others false beliefs or mischievous trickery. Deception always holds some element of gain in some form for the deceived; this may be some idle promise or the potential to obtain or achieve some desire. Deception's best ally is always greed, as once the expectation is set, it will take a revelation for the deceived to escape the trap that has been set for them.

Self-deception is the most difficult spell to break, as the desires driving the disillusioned will always be the object that has a hold over the thought process and an obstacle to accurate logic being applied.

Deceit is usually applied when one wishes others to believe something that is false in order to distract from the truth for some reason. Or when the truth is far too distasteful for oneself or others to bear that it is disguised within an untrue account of matters.

In order to avoid being deceived into believing some untruth any belief should be limited solely to the facts that can be proven or are clearly evident. To put one's faith in a depiction of what others perceived, true or otherwise, can only be disastrous from some point of view.

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