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Enemy Of Truth Article by Author Steven Redhead

Enemy Of Truth

Truth can be diluted then dressed up with false facts; the truth bases gives the lies credibility. The key valuable information may be removed then substituted with bogus details in order to mislead, confuse, or guard what some wish to keep secret for some specific agenda.

There are people who can fashion words so eloquently that they can rewrite history. The less articulate face a barrage of lies that completely drowns out whatever truth they wish to tell. The practice of deceit is becoming an art form, were webs of fictional untruths completely engulf the actual reality.

Yet in the long term, it is the truth that will prevail of course, but fortitude is necessary in order to bear in the short term where one many become completely overwhelmed by a bombardment of incomprehensible lies. It is only truth that can stand the test of time because by telling the truth you don't need to remember anything. Truth is much more important than the facts.

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Where Truth
                Lies Article by Author Steven Redhead

Where Truth Lies

The belief in any subject depends upon a personal perspective. What may be a logical sound belief to some may be difficult for others to even begin to comprehend.

Details don't need to be true or fact, just believable; fiction or fact is immaterial when enough plausible information is fixed to any specific belief system; rejection of beliefs can be made to seem illogical in the worse cases.

Careful analysis of any form of information is paramount and consideration should be based on a legitimate source and confirmed details before accepting what you have heard. Only verifiable facts can back a true constant belief; otherwise, it will be based upon an assumption, a theory, hearsay or passed on as a belief based on surface values.

Lies are told for the purpose of misleading other, perhaps protecting information that someone wishes to keep confidential, to maintain ultimate control or gain some advantage by limiting valuable knowledge.

Knowledge has value, as well as the ability to control others, knowledge has the capacity to control situations by keeping others in the dark. Knowledge could be limited for financial, security, or selfish reasons.

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Wishes Into Reality Article by Author Steven Redhead

Wishes Into Reality

Are you to believe what you conceive, this, you sense of reality? Created by your mind or the Gods as your temporary playground.

The brain is the most complicated yet the least understood organ of the body. Scientist estimate that the knowledge and function consciously accessible is about 5% of the mind's ability and total potential. The brain consists of millions of neurons yet little is fully known about how those neurons work to control human behavior and perception.

The brain's finely tuned chemistry and intricate architecture consists of tens of thousands of brain cells connected with one another to control the infinite human experience, the brain is ultimately responsible for everything you do. From controlling seemingly simple bodily functions to everything else that helps the interaction with the world around. Researchers have only just scratched the surface of the brain's full potential they don't yet have a complete infinitive understanding of the brain and its actions and the games the mind plays not only with oneself but also with others and creating the world experienced in general.

It is within the mind that the perspective, as well as the perception of reality, exists; the key question is do others perceive this reality the same as you do, chances are the answer is; 'no they do not'. The mind is not only a mystery to you personally but also to science, no one has fully unlocked the full capacity and capability of the mind.

Within the tundra's of the mind lies many secrets that still remain undiscovered. Many of the abilities available individually have still not been fully understood or utilized. People live their daily lives mostly without great advances spiritually or mentally due to not being fully aware of the true potential of the mind. Many are satisfied to be slaves to commercialism, not addressing the wherefore and the why that they exist.

There is a world beyond your realization, the world of mystery, the world of seeming illusion; where what is perceived as real is not real, what is unreal is real - for these reason many fail to perceive these dimensions of reality, for it doesn't match our sense of logic, so, therefore, ceases to exist in our reality, within our understanding and perception.

Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity were we are given the brief opportunity to experience interaction with the physical realm that is around us. Few really take the chance to enjoy the true experience or meaning of life, living merely day by day in the hope that their desire will become true.

You are a master of your very own universe creating what you believe into what you then conceive then this becomes what you actually perceive. You create over and over, in a vicious cycle, the same things again and again if you are not astute enough to realize that this lifetime is your chance to be, to do as you please. Take full control of your life, your reality, this is your birthright, to fail to do so is a travesty of the worst kind imaginable.

Use your time available well, creating a thing of beauty and wonder for all to marvel at, for this will be your legacy written here for all time - for all to see.

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Illusions Happen All The Time Article by Author Steven Redhead

Illusions Happen All The Time

Assuming only from what is observed can give false impressions; how your perception chooses to record the surroundings may be different than what others comprehend. A view of anything tends to fluctuate depending upon when and how it was viewed; direction, ability to observe details accurately, interest or disinterest in an observation; endless factors can shift how things evolve within the conscious recollection.

People believe what is convenient or seemingly plausible within their own comprehension or understanding. Observations of reality bend to suit or match this level of comprehension for each individual; altering, depending upon one's ability level to clearly view unbiasedly, then fully comprehend what actually exists.

The contents of the surroundings, especially the people that are in close proximity do impact what is observed and how that is finally comprehended. The more complicated the surroundings dynamics are the potential for confusion of facts, uneasiness, or persistent the distractions that can impact the view of reality. These effects can be considerable, as the intensity increases; noise, loud conversations or music, numerous visual distractions all result in the main reality not being fully comprehended or appreciated. Some distortions may be purposely executed to obtain attention or take the focus away from some specific event taking place.

Unwinding any confusion to reveal a clearer and more accurate observation or understanding of the specifics of reality is achieved by a clear focus on the component elements of the experience. This is achieved by observing the key specific part of reality in detail, then adding another part to build up the total picture of what is not only in front but also at both sides and behind you. Such a total picture shows that harmony exists within any fully observed reality. Conversely, ignoring undesirables within an environment is an art that some people excel at, others have difficulty, especially with persistent distractions.

It is always easier to believe what you already believe than it is to make the effort to search for more persuasive alternatives. Looking deeply into any observation of reality can yield infinite unseen details, that have the ability to transform what has been perceived.

In the short term, the illusion created by others or the particular situation in play can be misleading; people behave to gain some advantage or maintain a situation that is pleasing to them, therefore they need to hide their true feelings or true intentions. Once the exact reality is revealed it can be either enlightening or shocking; revealing a condition that could be better or worse than one originally thought. Over time the true situation always starts to reveal itself; intuition kicks in giving some insights into what you may face. The advantages of following or rejecting intuition can only become known over the long term; the wait just can make things more interesting, or assumptions change the final outcome.

An image of a person place or object are never static, but are constantly changing, evolving into a different state from what was once comprehended; there isn't anything that stays static in the entire universe. Every single observation is undergoing a constant state of change or evolving; thus can only be comprehended at the particular state it was viewed, not in its full entirety throughout its total existence. Illusions happen all the time, they are often accepted as is, as fact; not questioned or rarely analyzed. Most things that seem illusionary can be saddled with a sufficiently plausible reason for being, or having occurred as seen.

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